At Platform housing group, we know that we will only achieve our potential if we inspire others. We've created a great place to work that attracts and retains the best talent. We nurture the talent we have, encourage excellence whilst creating a strong business culture where performance and innovation are rewarded.

We believe in challenging how we do things and unleashing our potential. In everything we do we’re always trying to be better. Whether it’s the simplest of tasks or something more complex like fitting a new heating system, we’ve one aim: to learn and do it better. Better than last time we did it. Better than our peers. Better as a company. Better as individuals who keep on learning and developing. Better, because that’s what sets us apart.  We want to work with people who have the willingness to improve and the courage to challenge.  We want to attract positive, optimistic people who will help make Fortis Living an upbeat and positive place to work.